Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Sabbatical looms...

Coordinating a month off, between 2 jobs and all the other things that go on in life can be very difficult. First, you figure out when you can go. Then you think about where you should go. . Then the economy crashes, and airfares and exchange rates go up, and the place you picked seems too far and too expensive. And you think six weeks is too long, and you don't want to move around so much.

So you pick a second place, and a new time. But then the work schedule changes...projects are canceled, new products are planned, and the new time doesn't work. Another few months added on, and the second place doesn't work at that time of year any more.

And then you think about all the places you both really want to go, and how you really want to spend your time. There needs to be fun and relaxation, as well as culture and history. There needs to be down time...SERIOUS downtime, and not running around every day. But there needs to be interesting things to do, and some more intellectual pursuits...some historical and cultural activities.

So that's how we decided to spend the sabbatical in Hawaii. The idea of visiting the four major islands in four weeks was born.

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