Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Reading List

So, after the plans are in place, I start my more serious reading. I always find a trip is more meaningful to me when I understand something about the place I'm going. If I'm going to visit cultural sites or museums at all, I need historical context. So I spend the last few months before a trip reading up. Some of it is reading the historical sections of the guidebooks, some of it is reading actual history, and some of it is reading fiction based in the area. Okay....most of it is fiction, that's my favorite part.

So here's the Hawaii reading list:

all 4 of the "Revealed" books:
Maui Revealed
Oahu Revealed
The Big Island Revealed
The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook
Insight Guides Hawaii
Lonely Planet Hawaii
Snorkeling -- The Big Island

Shoal of Time -- A History of the Hawaiian Islands

Molokai -- Alan Brennert
Honolulu -- Alan Brennert
Hawaii -- James Michener
Shark Dialogues -- Kiana Davenport

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