Friday, October 2, 2009


Dinner on Tuesday night was at Roy's, the Waikiki branch is near the Halekulani, I think its actually in the Embassy Suites, on Lewers St. It's a chain, but local to Hawaii. I was surprised by how good it was. We had such an excellent meal, we would go back on our last night in Hawaii, on Thursday. When we came back a second time, the bartender and waiter both recognized us, the manager came over and said hello, and they gave us free appetizers. I think maybe we look like food critics sometimes. With me taking pictures of our food, and coming more than once, they seemed to want to impress us. They kind of overdid it the second time. I mean, this time the service really did get a bit too much...if one more person asked me if everything was okay I thought I might scream. Not that anyone would have noticed...the restaurant is really loud.

But the fish is absolutely first rate. The first time, Todd had the sampler with 3 different kinds of fish: butterfish, ahi and salmon:

The butterfish was so delicious, I ordered it the second time.
The first time, I had the shrimp with curry coconut broth, and cilantro mint pesto served over sweet pea risotto. This was also incredible

I definitely recommend Roy's, and I understand the other branches on the other islands are equally good.

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