Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday in San Francisco

Of course, I was jet lagged, so got up early enough to see sunrise over the bridge. However, not so awake that I took pictures of it!

When we finally dragged ourselves out, we walked across the Embarcadero to the Ferry Building where the Saturday farmers market was in full swing. We had breakfast at the Market Cafe, where I had smoked salmon on sourdough toast with goat cheese. Yum! And fresh berries. (Why do they have no berries in Hawaii? Is it too wet/dry for strawberries, I wonder? We never had any)

We spent an hour or so after breakfast just walking the length of the market, poking around in the stores, sampling the various things that were out for sampling...all kinds of gourmet foods, oils, chocolate, and such. Our favorite store was the mushroom store...wish we had one of those around here. Fresh porcinis, even fresh truffles. We pondered the idea of buying a truffle to bring home, but it needed to be refrigerated, so we couldn't do it.

The produce stands out side are fun, they are so colorful:

One of the things I love about San Francisco, I think it has the best skyline in the world. Every where you look, the skyline is interesting. This is just a view from down by the ferry building

By early afternoon, we were done here. We decided to get a cab to go to the De Young Museum in Golden Gate park. Its actually pretty far, the cab cost about $20. There's probably a cheaper mass transit way to do it, but it seemed like it would take a couple of buses, and 45 minutes, so we didn't want to bothers.

We actually went to the DeYoung to see their permanent collection. We did NOT go see King Tut. I think the ticket sellers and volunteers were kind of stunned by this. They kept trying to sell us Tut tickets and Tut programs. No...I've seen this was better back in 1977, when Steve Martin was in his prime....

Anyways, we really enjoyed the American collection which was what we came for. Although I'm a bit disappointed...the description of the exhibit mentions Winslow Homer, who is one of my favorite artists. Well, they have ONE Homer, and it's about 4 inches by 6 inches. I missed it the first time through. I hate that.

After we looked at some art, we rode the elevator up the observation tower. This is a very nice view of the city:

You can even see the Golden Gate, at least part of it:

One more picture, Todd took this one. It's not from our room, but from the window in the hallway on the 12th floor of the Hyatt. This is the Ferry building of course.

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