Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Akaka Falls

The next stop, after the botanical garden, is Akaka falls, just few miles further north. This is an easy walk to a gorgeous, tall waterfall:

After visiting the falls, we headed back into Hilo for lunch and a little shopping. It was Labor day, so a lot of things were closed. We had a very nice lunch at Cafe Pesto. We had the best Mai tai of the trip so far. And the pizza was excellent. In particular, they offer Hawaiian pizza, which is a far cry from the canadian bacon/canned sugary pineapple thing we get at home. This one is made with shreds of kalua pork, the stuff they serve at luaus, thats been slow cooked in an underground oven, bits of fresh pineapple, and sweet maui onions. It's delicious. And I don't usually eat pork, but this is really good.

We were done with our days activities by early afternoon, so we headed for home, and spent the remainder of the day lazing in the sun on the deck, listening to the crashing waves. I have to remember to allow for more time just watching the ocean and relaxing!

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