Tuesday, September 15, 2009


When I suggested we go to a luau, I said I was looking for one that was reasonably authentic, and not too touristy or cheezy. And he said "then what's the point?" Okay, well, then I looked for one that was just a little bit cheezy, and also had good mai tais, and a a short distance from where we were staying.

The luau at the Royal Kona fit the bill perfectly. Its reputed to be decent, and have good food, and its right next door to our condo so we can walk.

The setting is gorgeous, on the lawn right next to the crashing surf, where you can watch the sunset while sipping mai tais.

There is kalua pig, smoked under ground, and dug up with great ceremony before the buffet. These guys are digging up the pig

The place isn't overly crowded, so the wait for the buffet isn't too bad. (better yet, the line at the open bar is never too long!). There are all the usual things...poi, lomilomi salmon, luau chicken, teriyaki beef, baked purple yams, seafood cake salad, coconut rolls and the shredded kalua pig. Its actually pretty decent.

Then the sun goes down and the entertainment begins. The cheezy part...our host, who seems like a Hawaiian version of the Bill Murray lounge singer from SNL:

The dancers are pretty good, we enjoyed this part.

And, of course, the best part, the fire knife dancer

All in all, it was a nice evening and we enjoyed it. Don't think I would do it every time, but I didn't want to go to Hawaii and not go to a luau, so I'm glad I did.

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