Sunday, September 6, 2009

Review of "Maui Prince"

For those of you who might be reading this because you are planning a trip, well this is probably not very useful. We discovered shortly before we left that the owner of this hotel was bankrupt, and the hotel was being foreclosed on. Prince Hotels was terminating their contract to manage the hotel, and the 2nd day we were there, they issued layoff notices to all their employees. Its hard to know what the short and long term future of the hotel will be.

That's a sad thing, because we thought it was a marvelous place. I chose it for the beach it sits on, and it was, as advertised, a great beach.

Service throughout the hotel was top notch. All the people we dealt with were friendly, and by the 3rd day or so, seemed to know our names. The bartender makes a mean mai tai, and the bar has a great sunset view. The food at the various dining areas was basically fine. It's very expensive, as hotel food often is, and some was good, some was just okay. But when a couple of burgers and some drinks by the pool costs $70, you really want it to be more than okay. Still, this is Maui, I expected it to be a little pricey.

The best food/value in the place was the little Cafe Cappucino that was open in the early morning for light breakfasts. We discovered that we preferred picking up something here, to eating the heavy breakfast buffet. The fresh baked pastries were to die for, and they had bananas and sliced pineapple and juice. We bought our own bag of Maui grown coffee, and made coffee in our room.

Here's a view of the hotel taken from the beach (from the water, actually)

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