Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Snorkeling

After about an hour in the water at Molokini, we get back on board the boat, and head for another site. Again, they feed us a few snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic at this point). There's also a marine biologist on board, and she can answer questions about the fish and coral that we've seen.

Our next stop is a turtle cleaning station. The sea turtles come here, where small fish and shrimp will eat the algae off their shells, cleaning them up. We hurry here, and are first in the water. I'm sure when the other 25 people get to the site the turtles will get scared off, and I want to get a few shots before they leave. This is definitely one of the cooler things I've ever seen:

From Maui

We spend another 1/2 hour or so snorkeling here. When we get back to the boat, they've laid out lunch, tapped the keg and started pouring the mai tais. We spend another hour or so eating, drying off in the sunshine, and then head back to the beach.

The Kai Kanani was a lovely boat, and the crew were quite friendly. I highly recommend a trip to Molokini, and definitely would recommend this boat. It was comfortable, not too crowded, the food was decent, and the crew helpful. This is definitely a highlight of the trip so far.

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