Sunday, September 6, 2009

Arriving in Hawai'i

We had an early flight, Friday Morning, from Maui to Hilo on the Big Island of Hawai'i. We got to the airport 2 hours early as recommended, and were the first people at the gate. I really don't think this is necessary at 7AM (9AM flight)! Maybe security is slower later in the day however. In any case, the flight was on time, and uneventful.

We got to Hilo, picked up our rental. We were "upgraded" from a fullsize sedan to an SUV. It is easier to get our copious amount of luggage in and out of the tailgate. But there is not cover for the trunk, and we're nervous about leaving the car with our luggage exposed. And its only 10AM, and we can't check into our rental house until 3:30.

So we decided to make our first stop Rainbow falls. Its a short walk to see it, or walk up to the overlook, and we can take turns while one of us waits by the car. I had a nice talk with a local woman who was selling bamboo flutes near the parking area while I waited.

The falls were quite pretty:

From Hilo

Then we drove to see the Boiling Pots and Pe'e Pe'e falls:

We stopped in Hilo at the farmers market and bought some interesting produce, including apple bananas, lilikoi (passion fruit), and some odd looking papaya that we haven't tasted yet.

So then came the issue of lunch. I wanted to go somewhere nice, but we still had the car and luggage issue. We thought of going to Macdonalds Drive thru, but that seemed so unappetizing. I convinced him we should at least take a look at the Hilo Bay Cafe. It's supposed to be really good, and its located in a strip mall, near Walmart. Maybe we can park close and see the car. So we get there, and there is a parking space right in front of the restaurant window, we pull in. THen we debate...what if we can't see once we're inside? this spot is probably safe...yeah, but we have a ton of we are having this debate, couple sitting in the table immediately in front of the window, 10 feet from the car, get up to leave. It must be karma....let's go in and get that table.

We are very happy we did. Hilo Bay Cafe has EXCELLENT food, and we have a very nice lunch. I have ahi poke, that is fresh, and lightly seasoned and slightly spicy. It's really good. I also have a strawberry and brie salad with macademia nuts, spinach, and aged balsamic. I'm going to have repeat that combination at home its so tasty. He has the mushroom pot pie, made from local mushrooms and its wonderful. Light and flavorful, not made with a heavy cream sauce. If we go out to dinner, we will come back here.

next store. I'm going to wait in the car this time. Fortunately, it's 2PM, I have my iPhone, and the Red Sox are on...I get a taste of home listening to Joe Castiglione on my iPhone. Unfortunately Paul Byrd is getting beat up by the White Sox, so its not as much fun as I expected.

By now its late enough we can check into our house. We'll spend the evening relaxing, listening to the surf, and grilling a couple of steaks. The house is just 20 feet from the edge of the ocean. The sound of the waves crashing on the rocks is soothing. And the wind blows up at night, cooling us off, and blowing any mosquitos away. This is a great spot.

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  1. Aha! I knew if I kept reading I would eventually come to a Red Sox reference! Sounds like you are having a fabulous trip...we'll miss you at Saturday's game.