Saturday, September 19, 2009

Napali by boat

We are not planning to hike the Kalalau, and we are not going to be doing any helicopter tours. So our only way to see the Napali coastline is by boat. I booked us on the Napali Sea Breeze which leaves from Anini Beach, about 10 minutes from us. We wanted one of the motorized catamarans, which is more comfortable than the zodiacs, and more readily able to get into the sea caves, conditions permitting. Although it is drizzling in the morning, it promises to be a nice day, and there aren't too many swells. It can get rough in September, so I think we are lucky, this should be a smooth trip.

The drizzle does provide us with a farewell rainbow:

We comment that the house at the end of the rainbow is probably worth several pots of gold.

Right away the scenery gets interesting.

We can see waterfalls

Sometimes the waterfall runs right over the mouth of a cave:

After a while we start to see the jagged ridges of the Pali. This is fantastic:

Further along the coast, it gets less green, and more brown and red. Its dryer over here, so there isn't so much vegetation

Of course, this trip is also going to have snorkeling. Its fun to get in the water here, and its not too rough. I did see another turtle right after I got off the boat. But overall the snorkeling isn't as good as other places we've been. Still, here's another fish picture:

Someone said there aren't enough pictures of me. Of course, I'm always holding the camera. However, just to prove I'm really here...these are my fins :)

And here's a picture of our boat. Most of us are in the water, but somebody headed up to get lunch:

There are more pictures of Napali in my album, check out the link in the sidebar "My Kauai Album", I recommend it because you can see the pictures a little bigger than they are here, and they are shown to better advantage.

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