Saturday, September 19, 2009


Tuesday we planned for a quiet day. We didn't want to drive real far, and we wanted to get settled in our place. Besides, we have Hanalei beach out our front door, how far do we have to go?

So we got up in the morning, had some nice Kona coffee, and went to spend some time relaxing on the beach. Here's the view from the end of the path in front of our house:

The water is especially calm in the mornings, and the swimming is excellent.

Its also fun to people watch. There are joggers, walkers, swimmers, surfers. A couple of folks are doing Tai Chai on the beach one day. A few people trying to fish off the end of the pier. One morning I would see a lifesaving class going on. It's a huge beach so even with all these activities it is never crowded. I love being able to jump in for a quick swim in the morning before sightseeing, or late in the day.

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