Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Traveling from Kauai to Oahu

Monday (we're up to September 21st now) is a travel day. But Todd gets up early, and since its clear, he goes to take a few final pictures of Hanalei beach at sunrise. It's really gorgeous:

It also turns into a very hot, very humid day. We have to do the usual things, aside from packing and loading the car, to get ready to check out of the house...strip the beds, start the laundry, finish the dishes, take out the trash and recycling. By the time we're ready to go, we're already dripping from the humidity. Its really uncomfortable. Oh well, at least we get to sit in the air conditioned car for a while.

And we have to leave early...who knows how much backup there will be on the way to the airport? Turns out, there is not much and we get to Lihue with plenty of time to spare. Fortunately, our first class tickets mean Hawaiian will let us sit in their small lounge, with airconditioning and free drinks. We'll buy some airport lunch, and hang out here for a while. There is not much interesting to get for lunch in the Lihue airport though, I have to say.

The flight is uneventful, and we get to Honolulu right on time. We pick up our rental car (a fire engine red mustang convertible) and head in to Waikiki. It's a pretty easy drive, and we get ourselves checked in at the Outrigger Waikiki. Its right in the middle of the busiest part of the beach, and its really hopping. Lots of people, lots of shops, lots of annoying "activity" desks where salesman try to trick you into listening to timeshare presentations in exchange for free dinners, or discounts on luaus and the like. We learn not to make eye contact with these Amway salesmen after a while, or they will try to make friends first, and talk, and then draw you in.

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