Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tunnels...Yay, more fish!

After the Pats finished losing, and the rain finished falling, it was time to go out. The weather had really cleared up nicely, and I'd been wanting to go snorkel at Tunnels all week and finally had time.

Tunnels is a small area of the beach in Haena. It's not far from Ke'e, which I mentioned previously. It gets its name, I believe, because of the formations of coral, which have rifts and tunnels in them. This beach is at the end of a short dead end road, off the main road. There's only room for about a half dozen cars, and sure enough, when we arrive, its completely full. Todd drops me off with our snorkel gear, towels, and other beach stuff, and he drives another 1/4 mile or so down the road to Haena Beach Park. There is plenty of parking there, but its a bit of walk to get back. You can do it on the road or on the beach. Todd chose to walk on the beach, which may have been a mistake...it's slightly shorter than the road, but its miserably hot, and difficult to walk in soft sand. When he reaches the spot I've been waiting, we go together a couple hundred feet further down, to the area inside the coral reef. There are quite a few people here, but the beach is lovely. There's even some shade under the trees.

This is what the beach looks like:

We leave our towels and things under the trees, and take our snorkel gear and the camera down to the water. (See, this is one of many places we were told to leave nothing of value on the beach. So we have a little waterproof neck wallet for the car key and drivers licenses, and I have the waterproof housing for the camera. We leave nothing behind but the towels, and the cooler with cold drinks for after).

The snorkeling here is fantastic. THe water is clear, and the coral is not very deep, so we can see a lot. The current is a little bit strong, though, so its hard to get many pictures. EIther the fish swims out of the frame, or the current pushes me out of the way. Still, I have a few more fish for you (and these are the last ones... we didn't snorkel again this trip)

After we leave, we head into Hanalei to grab a couple of burgers for lunch at Bubba's Burgers. I highly recommend the "Bubba's Burgers" outlet in Hanalei. Not only do they make a fine burger and good fries, the manager (or perhaps owner) is a big Red Sox fan. There's Sox memorabia hanging on the walls, and they have the Sox-Angels showing on the TV during the week. I believe I met the manager (or maybe he just works there, I'm not sure) one afternoon when I was walking by, and poked my head in to check the score. Ortiz had just hit a homer and he was cheering, and we struck up a conversations. Sox fans are EVERYwhere.

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