Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dinner at Hukilau Lanai

Friday night we drove into Kapa'a to meet a friend from Travelers To Go for dinner. Our friend was making almost the same trip as us, he had 5 weeks in Hawaii in September, and was doing the islands in the exact opposite order. So we overlapped in Kauai, and decided to meet up and compare notes.

Hukilau Lanai is a very nice restaurant. Its a large open air dining area, near the shore. There may have been a view, but as we arrived after dark, I don't actually know if there is. But its a comfortable, fairly upscale place. Todd and I both tried the ginger martini, which was quite good. Dinner included a cup of the lobster curry bisque or a salad. The bisque was amazingly good. Slightly coconut and curry flavored, but still with a touch of sherry like bisque should taste. We all had different appetizers, my sweet potato ravioli with feta in a light cream sauce was fantastic. I also taste the lobster rangoon and the calamari and all were very good, and very nicely presented.

All 3 of us could not resist the grilled ono with polenta and brown butter mac nut sauce. It did not disappoint, so of course, I have a picture:

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