Saturday, September 19, 2009

Farmers Market

Later on Tuesday afternoon, we would go to the Hanalei Farmers Market. It's held at a small field a little bit west of town. We've read that everyone gets there right before 2PM, so they can be there when it opens, and dash for the freshest and best produce. We decide to join in the fun, but really it doesn't seem necessary. There is plenty of nice local produce. We get loaded down with apple bananas, pineapple, local heirloom tomatoes, banana bread, star fruit, a papaya, local salad greens, arugula...all kinds of good stuff.

Here's the market, before the "hounds" are released:

Dinner that evening will be all local foods. We bought ono from the Hanalei dolphin, orzo salad from the Princeville Foodland store, greens made with our purchases from the market. Oh, and we repeat the lime-scallion butter to put on the fish. good as any restaurant:

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