Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunset in Hanalei, dinner at Bar Acuda

It's our last night in Kauai, Monday will be another travel day. So we spend a bit of time down on Hanalei beach to watch the sunset.

Lots of places are closed in this area on Sunday nights, but don't feel like cooking and don't feel like eating a lot. We'd debated going to Bar Acuda earlier in the week, but had declined because the menu didn't look that interesting. But tapas is really the perfect thing for the mood we are in, so we decide to try it anyways. I'm so glad we did, it was wonderful. (Do I say that about all the meals? they really aren't all great, but we try hard to pick good places, and I may have left out some places we didn't care for).

Anyways, we have a couple rounds of tapas, maybe 6 small plates in all. My favorites surprise me...we have a roasted tomato bruschetta, where they actually bring out the WHOLE roasted tomato, dressed with some balsamic, along with some garlic toast. This is amazingly good, and is on the right side of the picture. On the left is a seafood stew with shrimp and clams in it, that is reminiscint of cioppino. The other great dish, not pictured, is a local goat cheese, served with local honey, and sliced apples. Very simple, and very good.


  1. Your favorite was a tomato? OK, now I know you have been replaced by an alien pod.

  2. I know, I know...I said it was surprising!

    It was a roasted tomato! It was a whole, raw one. And I mushed it up a bit, so it was kind mashed, tomato bruschetta when I was eating it.